Friday, November 6, 2009

Indigasphyxia: Ideas while awaiting frames arrival

As I await my camvas frames to be sent here from the east, I've been using some small Printmaking class assignments as well as Finite notebook sketches to continue formulating and sketching compositional and figurative ideas for Indigasphyxia. The top image which was sketched rather small this morning in my Finite notes this morning is an overall thumbnail plan of the entire composition (figuratively). I placed figurative subjects where I felt they were somewhat most appealing to me personally, as well as their forms, arm gestures, etc. The far right standing figure is referenced to the sketch which is already on the 6 ft. canvas.

The larger image below it is a planned sketch for a mezzotint print in my Printmaking class. I felt I'd use the down time from the original piece and use my time wisely in Printmaking to formulate more detailed and concrete figurative ideas. The idea of constricting wires comes from the first figure on the canvas where the wires constrict the TV to his head, and debating on making that a continued ideas throughout the compositon for other figures. My love for figurative drawing I feel will bring a lot of personal fulfillment to myself in my class as well as keep hope for my future plans for Indigasphyxia.

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