Monday, December 28, 2009

Re-worked "Terse Existence" Print; Painting idea

During my three hour flight home, I worked on the fourth print (the best in my opinion) of the "Terse Existence" prints with a very fine micron pen and at times a regualr pic pen to add in darker darks and more defining mark making. I loved also how the plate tone came out on this piece and figured it'd look better with more mixed media work put into it.

The left piece was some fooling around I did in both Gimp and Photoshop to a recent self-photo I took yesterday. I was mostly playing with color relations next to one another and mixed, as well as compositional ideas such as the 4 directions "stack". Aside from those 4 colors I loved the mixture of black, blue, green, and yellow together, and the splatter effect behind my head. Just an idea, but would be an interesting painting I think.