Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Indigasphyxia" 6x6 ft. Canvas Project commences


I've finally gotten to a point where I take a break and reflect what I've done so far. Its taken a lot or re-sketching and re-proportioning (mainly of the arm and hand as you can see). This is the first time I've ever scaled something 10-20x its normal size, so its a learning experience as I go. I took two photos, one to have a nice centered image of the piece so far, and one with me working on it to show a size comparison of how big it actually is. Considering this is something totally new and out of my comfort zone, and I'm not doing to bad at it, I'm really having a lot of fun.
I gain more ideas for the piece as I work on it. Instead of just a plain feather from the mask, it seemed pretty parallel to the area of direct vision to the eyes, and figured I'd put a TV hanging of it, as well as kinda forcibly strapped to the face, almost like a forced focus fixation on the TV. Below too, a somewhat altered idea, is going to be a child hugging onto his waist with scissors in his hand and looking up to him. Along the line of to show the subconcious act of the child following in his footsteps.
So far this is only about a third and a half of the piece, and have some lingering ideas about the untouched side. Though at this point I'm sure tons more will develop as I continue working and my ideas start accurately portraying what I'm seeing in my mind.
I'll keep updating as I continue to pursue this piece.