Monday, June 29, 2009

Referances/Ideas for my 6x6 ft. Canvas Project

The two referances I've found so far that really caught my personal art interest for my new project I'm about to conduct, which is a painting/mixed media done on a large 6x6 foot canvas. I'm going to use my sketch of the post below of the Native man with the gas mask and cutting his hair, and I believe I'll have him doing that as he watches Naive children, also with gas masks on, playing jump rope like the photo on the left. Mostly to symbolize the impact of what adults do on child role models and how that effects the passing down of Native culture as well as identity.
The composition on the right "Ben: Jinnwoo" ( is a piece I found that really interested in me in color/chroma usage as well as the combination of ink crosshatching. I may not crosshatch with ink, but I do enjoy the look of ink being used as well as paint. A graduate student at the university this past year had done a similar mixed media (ink with paint) and it also had really drawn me to his work. I figured I might as well try to do what is compelling me about this mixed media usage of these two mediums. The dark vs. light in this piece as well as the intense high-contrast usage also has been something Ive liked for a long time.
I'll update with photos of the WIP when I get things down on the canvas.