Monday, November 23, 2009

"Scavenger Hunt"

Medium(s): Bic Pen
- - -
I completed Scavenger Hunt bacially in the same amount of time as Terse Existance. I enjoy coming home some days and just sketching with pen the ideas that are in my head, and the ways I see them.
Finished in a few hours or so, my new influence in gothic style and music has really done positive things for my style as well as my ideas for the toxicating effects of assimilation.
This piece here of a woman, bending down to inspect a buffalo skull that is decorated in paint for a Sun Dance, while her newly cut hair hangs over her shoulder as she bends, holding the now discarded braid in her left hand and the scissors for doing so nearby.
All assimilation referances and the decay of Indigenous thought, morality, and overall culture can be referenced in the piece before this.

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