Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"We're All Connected"

Medium(s): Regular "Bic" Pen
September 11, 2005

- - -

High School -Art II- class, first day's assignment included filling the page using a medium that is non-erasable. I chose a regular pen because it was the closest thing to a pencil. This piece is a massive symbolism of traditional views of how all the Niitsitapi (original people) we're related and fit together with the earth, all our relatives, and how all the nations are connected on the one land. Every circle of somesort drawn in this piece is made into a small medicine wheel to continue the theme of connection as well as the 4 directions, look closely.
The viewer's eyes are meant to start at the focal point, the horse's eye, which many nations were impacted and adopted horses into our lifestyles. From here, the whole entire composition is linked by each of the sacred four directions. Following each line will take you to a new area of the piece as well as the line itself being apart of another object, such as the North direction forms the right side of the lodge, in the horse's mane the West direction forms the flat prairie on which it portrays a young hunter scoping a buffalo herd, etc. Every small detail in this has its own subject, meaning, and story.
Look also on the larger scale, to where you mainly see the horse and its rider, and as you scan the piece your mind will change into looking at the smaller subjects as well, that may be forming the larger scale. Such as the horse's viens on the muzzle are actually also lightning bolts in a vast wilderness scene, as well as the smoke rising from the small circle of elders up to the eagle feather, which then forms into the coup feather's notch. Enjoy finding new subjects in here, and please ask any questions about anything.

---Artist's Critique---

verall a well put together piece, considering there was no allowed sketching first as well as not being able to afford making mistakes with a permanent medium. With the page full, the composition overall is equally balanced not just left to right sides but also the top and bottom as well. Changes I would make would be the night sky at the top right. You can see its somewhat "empty", and it seems to be negative space compared to the rest of the piece where all areas are filled almost completely. Though perhaps the night sky "emptiness" is balanced out by the blank negative space on the horse's neck, where its covered only in mane. Perhaps giving the mountains shading to look more realistic, but not too much so that it clashes with the pine forests, would maybe raise the line of "filled in" darkness to fill more of the visual negative space.
Overall I'd say the piece is so busy and filled with things to look at, defects aren't too noticeble when it comes to the principles of design.

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  1. One of my favorite pieces you have done... so full of details and really tells a story!!