Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Scroll Through History: A.I.M."

Medium(s): Linocut (Printmaking)
November 12, 2006

- - -
High School -Painting & Drawing 1- "Scroll Through History" project slide 5 of 8. This assignment was about printmaking, and creating 8 slides to tell a significant event in history. I chose the American Indian Movement (1968-1973), probably one of the biggest starts and foundation to modern Native activism today. This slide of 8 represents the militant takeover of Wounded Knee, SD where A.I.M. traditionalists were circled by the U.S. Army and Oglala goon squads in control of a corrupt Tribal government.
Besides the representation of your classic looking A.I.M. member, the background shows the white church, as well as the barriers and blockcades, upsidedown U.S. flag, and chaos of choppers circling. The Siege at Wounded Knee II was so symbolic because of its historic ties to the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890, where over 200 men, women and children were slaughtered. A significant part of our modern history, and model for future activist-related movements to come.

---Artist's Critique---

y first attempt at and probably best printmaking composition to date, this linocut I believe overall was well done. The piece has a whole has no visable balance issues, with a great focal point of the AIM warrior. Instead of making the sky just plain white negative space, the horizontal lines clash with the style of the warrior, which pops out the main subject even more. There are no real big mistakes that I can see in my intentions for this to look like.
Some work could be done in the background I believe, such as some things are too small to tell what they actually are. With some practice in working small with linocuts I think would help me improve.

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