Thursday, August 14, 2008


Medium(s): Pen & Ink, Pencil, White Acrylic, B&W Paper
December 13, 2006

- - -
High School -Senior Project- class, this was my first multi-media piece to start off my independent senior project of conveying traditional culture through art. Here I have referanced from a famous Niitsitapi photo by Curtis of Bear Bull. I entitled this aíssksinima'tstohki which is the word for teacher/instructor, which our elders and old ones always were and are to us as younger generations. They held many of our people's old stories, ranging from the times before we had dogs instead of horses, the battle of Omahkai'stoo & Ksiistsikomm (Raven & Thunder) over the man's wife, etc. He symbolizes our entities, who we were as people before we were forced to change our ways, lifestyle, and beliefs. Our views on hair, the land, and our relatives that walked the earth with us. Naato'si (the sun being), iinii (the buffalo one which we survived because of) and all the other animals that shared power with humans, and overall Ihtsipaitapiyopa, the overall Creator, the Essence and Source of All Life. This piece is dedicated to who we were, the "real", original people. The Niitsitapi, the Aapatohsipikani, Amsskaapipiikani, Kainai, Siksika, and all the red nations who we lived next to and shared this continent with.

---Artist's Critique---

very well done multi-media composition, using a black and white theme regarding all the mediums used in it. The face of Bear Bull has immense detail and is very accurately proportionate to the real photo of this man. The dark lines and use of pointalism for some shading really displays diverse techniques of design. The location of the upper layer being in the top left corner is very unique versus making it "perfectly" balanced by centering it.
Some changes could be better craftsmenship of the outter-edge cut design of the white paper, to where the sizes are equal all the way down and across the bottom. Glue stains from the gluegun are apparent on the bottom and should have been given more delicacy when placed. Also his hair I believe should have been left alone with the ink, versus trying to combine the graphite with the ink and meld the two. The corner designs on the 3 corners of the piece should have continued onto the white paper only made black with ink or even cut out the design to it uses the lower black layer's exact color and texture.

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