Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Protector of the Old World"

Medium(s): Scratchboard
May 14, 2006

- - -
High School -Art II- project 1 of 3 in a theme series of portraying my theme of Indigenous Retaliation. This wasn't exactly easy due to whatever I scratched and drew on this turned white instead of black, which is in a way backwards thinking due to I'm always on white paper drawing whatever the darks and shadows are. This composition is supposed to symbolize the purity we had, with all our entities and beliefs before they were altered to mostly Catholicsm. He is a protector of how things were and used to be, using only weapons from that time also. In his background symbolize many things he protects as a warrior of his nation, including sacred sites, as shown by the large medicine wheel of rocks in Wyoming, burial grounds such as the deceased person on a scaffold high up as close as can be to the stars, and overall way of life and family symbolized by the small scene of a village and community. We as warriors and activists today still protect those things.

---Artist's Critique---

n overall well centered and balanced composition. Movement is shown in this piece well by the pulling back of the bow string and arrow, which excites the viewer of invisioning it letting go and the arrow taking flight. The curving of the rising smoke and the hawks circling the Evening star also are small factors that give this piece Movement. This is also balanced nice considering there is a lot of negative space on the top for the night sky, but knowing the symbolism of this piece, everything is supposed to be below him in the safe-guards of his protection. The brightness of his hair being white gives a good focal point to the piece, as well as the face of the eagle on his war shield.
Some changes I would make would be that overall, his body isn't exactly perfectly centered, and is kind of shifted towards the left. I'd worry about their being no room and cutting off the feathers of his shield, but just that small move to the right still would have been perfect I think and nothing would be cut off.

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