Saturday, October 3, 2009

"As A Means of Contact" WIP 2

Poor photo quality but, figured I'd post the next phase in this composition. Instead of a pen piece like I first intended with this, I instead turned it into my next project assignment fro Printmaking. I transfered and flipped my drawing onto this linolium pad, and all that is white at the moments has been what I've carved out and what will be white when I roll ink over the pad. I made some mistakes in what I intended to be white or black, but printmaking takes experiences I think to realize and visualize the future product and look before making the next carved mark. Once you carve, you can't erase, so I try to be careful but also not afraid to experiment and make/learn from mistakes. I'm hoping to finish carving next week sometime, but still have a lot to do. Next week I'll be spending a lot of extra time at the FA building trying to get this done before Thursday, and start seeing how it looks as a print.

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