Sunday, September 20, 2009

"As A Means of Contact" WIP


"As A Means of Contact" was inspired by recent discussions with a friend of mine about the Sentinels, Jarawas, and other uncontacted tribes around the world that have yet to be intoxicated by westernization and technology; every indigenous peoples dream when it comes to cultural preservation and mentality.
The Sentinels live on an island of the coast of India, and have met any sort of outside contact with militant resistance of hailing arrows. There are a few coverages of their interactions with outside people and helicopters, and find it fascinating and recommend reading up on them as well as the recently discovered tribe during a flyover in Brazil a few years ago in 2007.
The Jarawas however don't live as separated as others do. Their island has become settled by Indians and have been exposed to technology. At first for a while they met outside contact with resistance as well, but soon opened up interactions with settlers and now openly go about their business with them. Though they have become a "nuisance" to settlers and are being treated less and less as human beings. A major island highway was constructed right through the middle of their homeland, and now encounter a lot of traffic in which they ask for rides and beg for food. Some have even stopped hunting and become solely dependent on handouts they receive from settlers and tourists. Its a pain I have, definitely.

Visually, I wanted to portray some Jarawas, one with a gas mask of course, and contemplating the rest of the composition. I've recently become interested in the heavy contrast between contemporary and untouched traditional culture. The mask itself provides a means of protection against westernization and technology, and to continue their traditional life uncorrupted, especially while they are still so close to their culture and way of life, a lot closer than most Indigenous people of the world can say for. I'm still trying to make artistic decisions in this one, and haven't quite laid it all out yet, but figured I'd post a WIP.

The Endangered Jarawa

***Side note being my 6 foot canvas will hopefully be sent out here soon and I can continue that piece. Hopefully in time to somehow finish it before Spring semester and the Stillwell Exhibition.

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