Monday, February 8, 2010

Graphic photoshop work for Screenprint Project

This is a image I made in photoshop and gimp mostly for my next assignment in Printmaking II (screenprinting). We were required to make our own images graphically, posterize them around 9 levels, and use them as referances for our screenprint processes.

I chose a photo of a traditional painted Native, black face with a red forhead which usually signifies he is a veteran of war. I darkened most of the image with speckle tools of black and then began to work in my detailed white parts in. After putting a cigerette in his mouth, I spent a while creating a realistic crying running tears effect on his left side, then continued to make traditional symbol hailstones and lightning bolts, even added one in his eye to create a more vampiric looking pupil.
White hailstones and lightning bolts were used traditionally in a lot of traditional cultural stories and artwork were used to portray evil, or evil in a physical form. I wanted to show the battle of classic good and evil I suppose in a more Indigenous style portrayal. The battle of traditional culture vs. modernism and technology.

I'll update with screenprint processes.

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