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"She's Miss United States"


April 28th, 2009

- - -
SD Drawing II Final Portfolio composition done in about 2 hours time in an assortment of colored pastels. I've been making an artistic topic "move" to gas masks, and all that they can really symbolize and mean, especially in our time.
The gas mask to me personally represents things from a loss of individuality and identity (culturally, socially, and mentally). It can represent, with the loss of mental and cultural individuality and identity, we begin seeking, naturally, the pleasing and acceptance of others. Emmulating what other people want, when we ourselves are unsure of what he want or feel is right, has become almost a base and foundation for social development for people of all ages in this modern world. I relate some art to it because of how much I see it in my everyday life the second someone shows a certain appareance or usually opens their mouth, and how much I'm discusted with it.
I entitled it "She's Miss United States" relating to the event in which the "ideal" women of all over are to compete basically who has the best smile, the best breasts, the best body in a bathing suit, and the most fake mentality a person could have. How many girls are modeling themselves to these people as idols, and the "this is what I have to be in order to be seen as attractive".

The teardrop coming from the gasmask eye symbolizes how behind the curtains and show people put on for us, the more lost they are, the more inside they are dying for a place to feel accepted, regardless of how much it hurts them personally. They hide their true feelings and pain behind their fake identities.
The grusome belly button piercing sort fo symbolizes the body modifications we put our sacred bodies through to "achieve beauty" and attraction, from plastic surgery and breast inplants to pierced penis's and clitoris's. The things people do to themselves because they feel they just can or feel they will be more attractive in someones or society's eyes.
The blood and semen stains between her legs can represent a lot of things, kind of open for interpretation once the viewer understands a basic grasp of the meaning, but I'll explain some things I had in mind. The obvious semen and blood can represent anything between rape to selling their bodies. From prostitution to simply having sex for just pleasure, women have really lost the sacredness and meaning to what makes them special compared to men, and how sacred their wombs really are. How women throw themselves around and at any guy who will have them, or have been talking to him for 2 weeks, or met them at a party drunk, I couldn't be more discusted with when it comes to women in this society and the mentality we seem to have to feel wanted and accepted. Everyone seems to be out on their own and a "every man (or woman) for themself" world, where competition is waiting for us outside our doors in countless ways. Are you going to sell yourself to simply fit in a society in a point in time of the earths history?

--Artist's Critique--
This was one of the first pastel pieces I had taken seriously, and used what i had been learning relating to color and its visual effects relating to chroma and value. Discovering techniques of the pastel itself, color blending, and temperature. With pastel, especially in my Drawing II and Design II classes, I've been learning there are more colors than just an objects local color. Something that may appear black off the bat, may just be, in reality, a mixture of purples, blues, and dark reds. The green of the grass could be a mixture of orange, yellow, some green, purple, etc. I've been trying to use these in my own drawings to create more visually interesting compositions relating to the visual effects of color and color blending and mark making.
Compositionally, I enjoy that her body is not fully shown, some disappears and gives the body a very left-sided radical light source.
Things I would change would be the chroma intensity of her skin. Her skin, for this topic anyway, is too bright, pure, and healthy looking. Also her torso/stomach area to me feels too empty. Something I feel needs to visually be there and not just a plain body.

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